What to Pack for a Festival in Ireland

By July 14, 2017Beauty Lowdown
How to pack for a festival in Ireland

It’s that time of year again when it seems every day somebody is off to some festival or other so we wanted to  put together this post incase anyone out there needs a little help with what essentials to pack if you off to a festival soon.


What to Pack for a Festival in Ireland 

Old/ Cheap Shoes

Rain or shine festivals often tend to end up in a mucky mess one way or the other so it’s often wise to wear shoes that you won’t mind never being able to wear again. Don’t go wearing your new white converse or it’ll only end in heartbreak.. we suggest picking up a cheap but sturdy pair in Penneys and you’ll have no attachments or disappointment when they come back brown in the end.

Rain Jacket

So, this one may be obvious but don’t go without a jacket just so you can show off your new festival outfit. Rain is inevitable and theres nothing worse than being cold than being cold and soaking wet with no rain jacket to save the day.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes/ face wipes, whichever it is you have will come in so handy at any festival. Between makeup, glitter, face paint or mud these will be your saviour.

Dry Shampoo

Likewise, your hair will need a quick fix after a day/night of dancing especially if any rain comes to spoil you parade so having a mini dry shampoo in your bag is a game changer. Give the roots a quick spray and have your hair feeling, looking and smelling a lot better.

Weather Shield Handbag

In order to have all these essentials at hand you will need a bag to carry it all in. Backpacks are super handy or even a simple cross-body but more importantly ensure that your bag is durable for any weather changes, drink spillages or any mishaps.