Weird but Wonderful Beauty Hacks

By October 3, 2016Uncategorized


- Beauty Lowdown -

There are hundreds of weird beauty hacks on the internet. Some work, some don’t, and some are just too much effort to be useful. Here are the weird but wonderful beauty tips which really do work! 

Coffee Bean Detox

Mix 1 part coffee grinds to 3 parts water to make your very own coffee body scrub. Use on your thighs and bum to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Halle Berry swears by this tip. And if it’s good enough for Halle Berry…

Fix Your Smashed Makeup

 Smashed one of your favourite eyeshadows or blushers? Don’t fear! To make your makeup good as new just smash it even more in it’s pan (to a powdery consistency) and press it down to compress. Then pour on some rubbing alcohol and let set. Finally, wipe off the access liquid and you pan should be as good as new!

Remove Your Eye Makeup

If you are stuck without eye makeup remover and water just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to try some coconut oil (baby oil will also work). Warm up between your fingers and rub on to your closed eye. Just try not to get too much in your eye to avoid irritation! 


Speedy Touch-Ups

If you make a mistake putting on your shadow but don’t want to completely start again (we feel you), then the easiest way to remove the error is with a cotton Q-tip and moisturiser. The moisturiser will gently remove the shadow without removing your foundation or concealer underneath. 


Use Tape for the Perfect Cat Eye

 If you want to get the perfect cat-eye, the easiest way is to use sellotape as a guide for your shadow and liner. Stick the sellotape onto some fabric first (to remove some of the stickiness), before lining diagonal from the edge of your eye to you eyebrow!