Viviscal: The Collection

By May 7, 2017Beauty News

Fresh from the bloggers lunch at the dean for Viviscal which was hosted by their brand ambassador Lucy Kennedy we did some research into the Viviscal brand and product line. This blog post will be focused on the line of products they offer and the pricing etc..

Viviscal Products

Viviscal is a innovative dual-action hair care system that can work by taking supplements or though some of the new products including shampoo, conditioner and volumising powders.

“Backed by 25 years of research, our award-winning supplements nourish from within to maintain healthy hair growth. Meanwhile, our new scientifically formulated Viviscal Gorgeous growth Densifying range complements the hair growth benefits of the Viviscal supplements by conditioning from the outside.”

So, to begin we will take a look at all the products in the range starting with the main seller, the supplement tablets.

The Viviscal Maximum Strength has been voted Best Hair Supplement in the UK by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and contains zinc, biotin and AminoMar C to maintain healthy hair growth from within. Retail for €50 for a one month subscription.

The Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Shampoo promises to cleanse the hair and making it look fuller and thicker while reducing hair fall out.

The Viviscal Gorgeous Growth densifying Conditioner is a weightless formula moisturises and conditions the hair promising to leave it looking thicker and healthier. Both have a beautiful fragrance too and retail for €12.

Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir is the ‘ultimate, lightweight, body-boosting leave-in elixir for thicker, fuller looking hair’ according to their site. Retail for €25.

Finally, they have a new updated Conceal & Densifying Volumising Hair Fibres which works to make the hair look thicker and fuller in a quick and easy application thanks to the new comb applicator. It also retails for €25.