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Undead Marilyn Monroe

By October 31, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials


Were a massive fans of Marilyn and her makeup inspires so many looks over all.

To create this look start off with applying your base and your brows. Apply your powder to take any dewy look off your skin.

To add the effect of decay and gauntness what you need to do is apply a grey shadow to the temples, cheekbones and around the corners of the bottom lip. Apply this all the way around the eye also, over the eyelid and under. You can then build the effect using a taupe brown shade over the grey.

To get the beyond tired look under the eye, put some red lipstick onto the back of your hand. Using the brush that you used for the grey and brown shadow slowly build up the red right in the inner corner of your eye, you can apply this to one cheekbone aswell. It will give a damaged skin effect.

Once you have the shading applied I would go over certain parts with a matte purple shadow. I would go in around the mouth, nose and under eyes. These areas are more likely to be bruised.

I would add some small veins using blue shadow/face paint. You want a barely there vein so very very light blue around the temples and mouth and forehead. Use an eyeliner brush for this. The lips are easy. Apply your lippy as normal and using the back of your clean hand rub it off in one motion. This will smudge it across your face.

If you want to go one step further and create the damaged neck. I would suggest using latex for this. Apply 3 layers of tissue and latex and allow to dry. Blend in with your foundation, grey and red lipstick. To open up the gash rip through the latex/tissue mix. Carefully! You can paint inside this black for depth and then build up with red. You can use the lipstick again for this. Splatter some blood in and around the gash. For the extra gross effect throw some coffee granules into the blood in the gash and it will add texture.

To add effect make sure you bring the shading down to collarbones and shoulders. To really make undead Marilyn true to her name you can cover your mouth with blood making sure of drips down the chin and voila!!


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