Top 10 Things Irish Mammies Say

By March 4, 2016Uncategorized

In celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday we have decided to honour the national institution that is The Irish Mammy. Never let it be said that you ever went hungry, or God forbid went to bed with wet hair?! For more Irish Mammy quotes follow @irishmammies on Twitter.


1. Don’t be using the good scissors for that.

2.Those biscuits are for the visitors.

3.And isn’t it well for ye now?

4.enjoy ur party 2night don t go mad on the drink dad said the managers would be watching ye especially in them american companies love mam x

5.UP! I’ve jobs for you

6…. so he says to me “I’ll set up an alert for you mam on” and he did and I haven’t missed a funeral since.

7.That cup is too near the edge of the table.

8.hope u did nt get soaked at the match did u get my text about bringing a coat

9. haven t heard from u in ages i suppose you r busy with all ur socialising  dad got a new jumper but he has to take it back wrong size

10. There’s the rain now.