Things to grab when you are in a hurry!

By May 14, 2017Beauty Lowdown
makeup in a rush

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do a full face of  Makeup  and look flawless in the morning s, especially those dreaded monday mornings.. But we still like to try and squeeze in a quick 2 minute routine using the bare minimum products as possible. 

laura mercier

Tinted Moisturiser

Let’s face it, some days snooze is hit a few times too often and there is very little time to spare to be playing with too many different products. In this scenario and for everyday lightweight wear a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream is perfect. Laura Mercier do great tinted moisturisers for all types of skin and colours. 

benefit gimme brow

Brow Gel

Brows frame the face, and even on a no makeup day we love to keep them tidy and filled in. A pencil is easy and quick, but with little makeup elsewhere it could look a little too harsh. A quick and easy product in our every day routine is a good brow gel with long staying power and strong colour payoff. Benefit Gimme Brow is our go to.


Finally, a really handy way to work around limited time when you want to look half presentable is a multi purpose product such as bronzer. A nice subtle warm bronzer will give some colour and dimension to your face in one quick sweep on the cheeks and jawline. A cool tip too is to take some on a fluffy blender brush and put it in the crease of the eyes, again adding some colour and shape. Flormar Bronzing Powder is a lovely warm toned bronzer and so affordable too.

Flormar bronzing powder


This is optional, especially when you are in a rush , but if you do have a spare minute a quick coat of mascara will open up the eyes and make you seem some way half awake even if you had literally just rolled out of bed. Benefit wins here again in the form of their lengthening genius Rollerlash.

Benefit Mascara

This is how we get ready quickly and without any hassle but we’d love to know your faves? Let us know.