This look is definitely not for the faint hearted and requires some serious dedication. As you can see the payoff is fantastic. Makeup Artist and SFX extraordinaire Luke Hart will take us through his look and what you’ll need for it.

  1. “Firstly I covered the brows with the Pritt stick and concealer method, if you’re unsure of this check out YouTube.
  2. I then mixed green paint with greasepaint and applied on the face and neck. This will give a good base colour to apply the paler colour on top.
  3. Apply the contacts in carefully. This will take practice if you’re not used to contacts, this also isn’t 100% needed but definitely added to the end result.
  4. I used dark matte shadows (browns, grey, red and black) for the eyes to make them sore and possessed looking.
  5. I created scars using wax and sealer, this was simply applying about an inch to 2 inches length of scar wax to the face and drawing a line down the middle of it with a tooth pick. This creates the depth which I will fill in with paint. It’s really simple and easy to do. I used Ottoman greasepaints for paintjob and scab blood to fill the scars.
  6. Nicotine and black tooth stain created the disgusting teeth; this can be picked up in any costume or sfx shop.
  7. For the hair I used baby oil, hairpsray and backcombed it. I also made a short fringe with clips.
  8. To make the vomit, I simply used blended peas.”

Well there you have it. The lowdown on this gross but spectacular character. This look will definitely take a practice run and patience but as you can see the result is amazing. Using greaseproof paint will ensure this look won’t budge but you can always go in with water based if you prefer.

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