Keeping it in the family – Wednesday Addams

By October 28, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials



madeyoulookbylex, youtube

This is such an easy but effective look. If time is against you on Halloween night this is a sure fire look that will be recognised immediately.

All you need for this is either long dark hair or a long black wig. A plain black dress with a white collar and your regular makeup kit.

To being Wednesday up to an adult age and look were going to add some lipstick and liner. She is the daughter of Morticia after all.

So your base is plain. No contour and no blush. Plain oul foundation if you are sallow I’d suggest going as pale as you can without looking ridiculous.  You’re going to go for a liner with a small flick nothing dramatic and some black lippy.  Give yourself lashings of mascara to bring the femininity back to the character.

The hair/wig. Needs to middle parted and simply plaited.

This look will suit the naturally pale a lot more simply then really tanned people but it is achievable for everyone in a few simple steps.

Recommended products:

Black gel liner (this can be used for eyes and lips)

Black wig