Harley Quinn – Comic book version or movie version which will you decide?

By October 30, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials

Harley has been giving a new lease of life in the run up to Suicide Squad release. Her make over is completely different to her comic book look so we’ll give ideas and tips for both.

The original Harley is all about the costume the only makeup you really need is a black mask and black lipstick.

The mask is very simple with just a masquerade type shape around the eyes. Basically two circles connected in the middle. You can bring out points under the eye this will play up the comic book version of her.



If you’re going with the new Harley be prepared to be dishevelled. Harley is a psychopath so being pristine goes against the grain for her. She has red matted shadow on her right eye and dark blue metallic on her left.  She uses a similar red for her lips. Add a small black heart under the red(right) eye. The trick….get your hand and smudge this look right down your face. Don’t be too careful with your mascara if it goes under your eyes…meh that’s what we want.  This look always come out very effective.The hair plays a key factor spraying the pigtails red and blue will pull this theme together. If you’re a brunette spray your hair white or grey and then apply the colours. Again the more crazy this looks the more it will add to the sense of mayhem.



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