Gorey Pencil Through Nose Makeup

By October 21, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials

This look cause quite the social media stir due to the optical illusion. This look is incredibly easy to achieve but unfortunately it may not be a look you want to wear out. One, it is dangerous having a pencil sticking out yout nose and two, its not that durable. Its a great one for photos opportunities and just having some fun.

Pencil Face

  • Firstly break the pencil in half and remove a third of it. Shave it down on one side so it sits snugly into the face and isn’t sticking up. Cover the splintered parts with masking tape and paint red. This will be covered with blood and wax anyway so no need to be too particular.
  • Add bruises to the nose and face around the pencil to show impact and make it more believable. Mix navy and purple eye shadow to create this effect. Add fake blood around the exit wound of the pencil. If the fake blood is too bright add blue food colouring to darken it.
  • Fix the pencil to the nose using wax and latex. Press the wax over the pencil and place the pencil and wax over the nose. The latex will give more hold.
  • Once happy with how it is holding start to blend it all in. Use foundation around the wax to give it flesh tones and then go in with the bruising.

Cover the pencil in blood and put the other part of the pencil in the nostril (yes it does feel weird). Put a little drop of blood coming out of the same nostril.
Recommended products:

  • Fake blood
  • Blue Food Colouring
  • Wax
  • A Pencil
  • Latex
  • Blue & Purple Eyeshadow
  • Foundation