Freddy Kruger – 2 different approaches

By October 29, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials

This is a good traditional gory Halloween makeup. This can be achieved in two different ways. Either using latex and tissue paper or simply some clever drawing.

We would go for the latex….its quicker and will have the uneven texture and look of severely burned skin. It’s doesn’t feel all too comfortable and is time consuming removing but it’s all down to personal preference.  You’ll need about 2-3 layers of latex/paper to achieve the look.


Following theidea in the picture you’re placing it hap hazardly making sure nothing is too perfect. The human body and its defects are never symmetrical so why would a healed burn be?

The part that can go wrong is the colour of the burn area. This would be a light to medium pink. This applies to both versions of the makeup.  The edge of the burn should be a darker pink/light purple colour. Freddy wasnt completely burned as in his face wasn’t fully damaged in the fire. He was disfigured with bubbling patches so this is how this look will appear. Overall normal colour skin with severe burn marks intermitted. Set the paint with a translucent powder just for extra durability.


If you are going to draw the burns you’ll be better off investing in a few cheap lip liners, Essence or Catrice have good quality liners for about €1.50-€2. Draw the outline of the burn in a nude liner. Around the top right hand side you’ll want to darken then edge with a deep pink/purple, this will create depth to the burn, it can then fade out to a light pink. The shape of the burn marks is completely up to you. The more random the better.


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