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Ear Art

The latest weird but wonderful trend you can expect to start invading your Instagram feed is Ear Art. The world of ear art involves going a step further than your usual facial makeup, and painting art all over the ear. 

Ear Art Beauty
The trend originated from makeup artist violette_fr on Instagram, who created the looks for CR Fashion Book. The trend often features metallic gold or silver used to highlight areas of the ear. Simplicity is key. Block colours are used to keep it modern, and we are yet to come across a multi-coloured, full ear art explosion. 

Now we know this isn’t the kind of trend you will be trying out for work in the morning, but it is an interesting idea for any makeup artists wanting to shoot something a bit different. We love creative an innovative makeup in the studio, and this trend definitely fits the bill.

Ear Art Makeup

What do you think of the Ear Makeup trend? Will you be trying it out?