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Detox your Skin

By February 12, 2016Uncategorized

WATER: Drinking water is an obvious way to achieve a glowing, hydrated complexion. Begin your day with a glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon honey. During the day drink green tea with lemon or honey, which is bursting with skin-protecting antioxidants.

CLEANSING BATH: Use your bath to detox your skin by adding a cup of Epsom salts and a cup of unfiltered apple cider vinegar to your hot water. These will draw dirt and other impurities out of your pores, helping your skin to start over fresh. To make it more luxurious, add some lavender oil.

PROBIOTICS: Adding a good probiotic to your diet helps purify your skin from inside out. Regular bowel movements and strong immunity are essential for clear, toxin-free skin and long-term health in general. Instead of buying expensive probiotic yogurts with “live” bacteria experiment with fresh fruit, cereals, honey and even culinary herbs added to your yogurts.

DRY BRUSH: Dry brushing is the best way to detox the skin all over your body. Use those brushes made for the job, and right before your bath or shower, take about five minutes to brush your skin. Using circular motions, start at your feet and work your way up, massaging toward your heart. You’ll increase circulation, remove dead skin cells, and make your skin incredible. The body shop body brush is a trusted product for this.

FIBER: Increasing the fiber content of your diet not only helps combat bloating, it has a tremendous benefit for your skin. Beware of ready-made fiber supplements which can leave you bloated or even lead to constipation. Eat traditional porridge or muesli for breakfast. Switch from white bread to whole meal or gluten-free type.  Make a super-simple cleansing salad with ample amounts of salad greens, grated apples, carrots, radishes and any fresh garden herbs you can find. Fresh nettles and dandelion greens are awesome inner cleansers – splash stinging nettle leaves with boiling water to make them delicious and mild.

SWEAT IT OUT: Exercise gets your heart puping and your skin sweating, which helps to cleanse toxins from your body. Try your best to exercise at least five times a week for even 30 minutes.

EAT CLEAN: The more you eat junk foods, the more your skin will suffer as it tries to get rid of all those excess toxins. At least for one week, stay off “congesting” foods like animal fats, dairy products, white bread, fast foods, and sugar. Eat as pure and healthy as you can, including lots of fresh berries and fruits.

CLEAN COSMETICS: To seal good results achieved from better hydration and smoother digestion, become a consistently green beauty shopper. Turn your back on cosmetic products containing parabens and other unsafe preservatives, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, acrylic polymers and chemicals sunscreens. To boost your daily skincare routine, experiment with homemade facial oils made from thin, non-comedogenic oils such as thistle, chia or jojoba, with added detoxifying essential oils similar to those used in the Green Face Detox. Even if you can afford to buy only a few organic skincare essentials, your skin will look a lot better than if you load it with dozens of expensive, chemical-based, anti-aging serums. This can be difficult to get used to at first but once you’re in the swing of it you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

HOME FACIALS: Once a week indulge in a home spa ritual. Choose a quiet evening and get into the mood with nice soothing music and a cup of nettle tea. Make sure you have everything ready for the Green Face Detox below: sea salt, clay, essential oils, activated charcoal (you can buy it in health food shops or online) and apple juice.