Beauty Products We Would Pack For A Sun Holiday

By July 2, 2017Beauty Lowdown

It’s that time of the year again when the kids are off for the summer and everyone is jetting off to the sunnier side of the world on holidays so we put together this list of some Makeup and beauty products to pack when you are heading off.

p20 sun cream

Sun Cream 

If you were to pack nothing else this would be the essential that you must take with you on your getaway in the sun. P.s Fake tan does not protect your skin from the sun so ensure you are covering your skin in some sun protection. This P20 cream is water resistant and long lasting so it’s super handy for holidays.

la roche posey thermal water

Spring Water Spray

We aren’t blessed by the heat here too often so when jetting off to catch a few of those rays elsewhere it’s nice to have a spray like this to keep your skin hydrated and as a bonus it’s so refreshing and cools you down straight away.

Face & Base

You don’t want to be hauling all your makeup away with you and while we are on holidays we like to keep our makeup minimal. We’d pack something like this Nars tinted moisturiser with an SPF ti keep your face moisturised, producted while adding some coverage and colour too.

nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser

The Key Features

Like we said, you don’t wan’t to have waste lots of space and weight on lot’s of makeup products so we usually pack one or two products such as waterproof mascara and a bright lipstick that will instantly make you look more done up and finished without all the extra products.


waterproof mascara
Beach Trippin Spray

Hair Care

When you go away it’s hard to keep your hair looking good or styled with the humidity, swimming or maybe because you are too busy enjoying yourself. These type of sprays are so handy while away and give your hair some texture and beachy waves. Perfect for a holiday hair look.

Deo and Body Spray

 Lastly and perhaps an obvious one but of course deodorant is a must when you go away. For an added freshness and holiday scent we love to take a fruity body mist. It’s lighter and more wearable than a perfume and plus, they are always on sale in airport so why not!