Beauty News: Lush Finally Have A Subscription Service

By August 6, 2017Beauty News, Uncategorized

Lush lovers.. stay calm. We have major news. The bath bomb brand has now launched a subscription service meaning we can now have bath bombs delivered to our door at the click of a button every month. We here at EF Creative Studios are very excited to have bubble baths every night now.


Lush Love

Is this not the best news you’ve heard this week. The organic company have launched a subscription service where you can now have some Lush products delivered to your door each month making relaxing and pampering yourself even more relaxing and luxurious. 

The bath bomb genius’ have made this service completely customisable meaning you can pick and choose what kind of bath bombs and pampering products you want landing on your doorstep by the lush fairies each month. 

We don’t know know about you but we will definitely be availing of this subscription service and will spend every night from here on in in our bathtubs.