Beauty Blender Liner Designer

By January 13, 2016Uncategorized
From the brains that brought us the Beauty Blender now present us with the ingenius Designer Liner.

The new eyeliner application tool is a hot pink rubbery plastic piece which looks just like a guitar pick and comes in a portable case with a handy inbuilt 5x magnifying mirror and an even handier suction cup.

Beautyblender says this tool will act as that steady hand you need when lining your eyelids with the nightmare enducing  torture that can be…liquid liner (it can be quite dramatic!, you know ladies).
It’s got three sides for different applications: “One short round edge, a straight-laced edge, and a curvy edge,” according to the site, giving you looks from dark and dramatic to subtle and flirty . Seemingly it can be used with all different types of eyeliner formulas: liquid, gel and pencil.
It can also be used to perfect your lip liner helping with the cupids bow and evening out uneven lip lines.
Normally we dont buy into fads here at EF Creative Studios but this is an invaluble piece for any kit or makeup bag.  It could bring eyeliner blunders to nothing more then a memory and save so much time. Allowing girls who have always wanted liner so sharp it could bring a tear to your eye.

Availble from March 2016.