Annabelle – its play time!

By October 31, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials

This look will really come together once you have an auburn colour wig. Its fairly simple once you break it down into stages.
Firstly  If you have dark brows like myself, try some concealer on your brows and powder over them. Pritt stick is also a great way to block brows.


Your base is going to be pale pale pale. Were going against too much definition for this one. Use either an extremely palefoundation or just go straight for a white face paint. You want to cover any blemishes or freckles.
The eyes are just winged liner with some extra lines for the lash effect. If you prefer you can use false lashes here but go for fake look. The faker the better. The bottom lashes are simply a chunkier liner three lines will give you the look you are after.
To make your face look a little more sinister you will need to smoke out area the inner eye with some grey/black. This will give it a creepy effect. This doesn’t need to be extremely neat it just needs to give your nose an edge almost. Like wood. Use a small fluffy brush to smoke it out but keep it neat.
Your eyebrows are easy enough your just going in a upward slant. Up towards your temples.
Once you have this done your face should be taking shape.
Add some blush to the apples of your cheeks. Don’t be subtle with this. The doll blush is tacky.
To give yourself some scratches on your cheeks, just use black liner and red lip liner and draw a few on one cheek.

With the black liner go ahead and draw a crack on your chin. If your unsure start off with a triangle, draw some zig zag lines coming from the points. If it isn’t perfect….that’s even better.
To give yourself some devilishly dolly lips go for an ombre black/red lip. Line the lips with black and colour in about half way, then cover the full lips with a deep red lipstick. alternatively you can go back in with your red lip liner. This will fuse the two together. Try not to rub your lips together but you can blot with tissue and set with powder.



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