All washed up – How to create a Mermaid Halloween makeup

By October 27, 2015Beauty Lowdown, Tutorials



This is a beautiful and easy to do look. What you’ll need is your favourite colour metallic eye shadows, a white liner/pencil, and some lace.

Start off with going in with your metallic colour eye shadow.

Start from the right hand side of your face and right down to the shoulder. Using the lace, place it over your already applied eye shadow and apply a gold or vanilla colour shadow. This will add definition and create that scale look.




To set it you can spray lightly with hairspray. After this you’ll be applying your eye shadow and this is where you can get really creative. Smokey, light, heavy metallic, foil. Its really up to you.

Try to keep it as metallic and aqua looking as possible so avoid any really dark colours for lips or eyes.



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Metallic eye shadows Urban Decay Electric palette would be perfect for this