3 Eyeliner Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making!

By August 8, 2016Uncategorized

3 Eyeliner Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making! 

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If you’re eyeliner never turns out quite how you expected it to then you may be falling prey to some of these eyeliner mistakes. Follow our guide and you will be achieving Instagram worthy flicks in no time! 

Tight Lining Your Whole Eye

Putting a dark liner the whole way across your waterline and tightline will close your eyes up and leave them looking smaller. Instead, line only the outer 3/4s of your eye and leave the inner corner blank. Alternatively, you can try a white or nude coloured line to make your eyes appear brighter and bigger. 

Pulling Your Eyelid

It is so tempting to tug your eyelid to make it easier to apply liquid or gel liner. However, this is counter-productive and will leave you with an uneven and crooked liner once your eyelid goes back to its usual position. Not to mention all the pre-mature wrinkles it causes! Instead try looking down into a low mirror when applying your liner. 


Your Pencil is Blunt or Dry

Pencil liner is definitely the easiest of the bunch but can also cause some problems. If you’re new to eyeliner and pencil isn’t working out for you then you might be using one too blunt or dry. Ensure to give your liner a sharpen regularly, and if it feels dry it may be too old. You can also try heating it up with a lighter for a couple of seconds. Just make sure to use it on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not hot before attempting to put it on your eyes!